101 Things I Learned in Business School by Michael W. Preis with Matthew Frederick

101 Things I Learned ® in Business School Book Cover 101 Things I Learned ® in Business School
Michael W. Preis
Business & Economics
Grand Central Publishing

Review: If you’ve climbed the ranks without benefit of a business school education this book has interesting nuggets of practical information. Even for the well-versed in business the authors provide insightful and interesting explanations of key concepts.

Some of my favorite “lessons” are:
#75 “A good manager makes imperfect decisions.”
#55 “Complaints can be good things.”
#16 “Learn an organization’s culture before working with or for it.”
#79 “Tell others the result you need, not how to get it.”
#48 “Those who say theory ‘isn’t the real world’ don’t understand what theory is.”

It will take you an hour to breeze through this book. Each topic is covered in 2 pages with very pithy text. Net, net a good reference book to own.

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